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Other Places of Interest


It was initially known as Siddhpura, and as time passed by, it became Siddhaur. It is around  50 Kms from district headquarter Barabanki. It is famous for –
1. Siddheshwar Mahadev Temple: It is adorned by the famous Siddheshwar Mahadev temple, and here in the months of December and January each year a big Fair is held on the occasion of Shivratri.

siddheshwar temple-1

Siddheshwar Temple

2. Sufi Saint Qazi Qutub Maqbara: There is a mausoleum of Sufi Saint Qazi Qutub and  people come to pay their respects to this Sufi Saint. A big Fair is held here on the occasion of every Id-ul-fitr and Id-uz-Zuha.


Badosarai around 9 Kms. northeast of  Ram Nagar tehsil headquarters, was established around 550 years by a spiritual King. About 6 Kms southeast of this place is the temple of Baba Jagjivan Das the founder of the ‘Satnaami’ sect at Kotwa, popularly known as Kotwa Dham, with a very beautiful pond nearby. Thousands of pilgrims take holy dip in this pond during the Fairs held in the months of October and April.


Closer View of Kotwa Dham Temple


Kotwa Dham Temple

There is a mazar of a Sufi Saint Malamat Shah between Badosarai and river Ghaghra,   who left for his heavenly abode about 300 years ago. People throng this place to pay their respects to this Sufi Saint.


Situated around two to three miles East of Badosarai, Kintur is named after Kunti, the mother of Pandav, as per the ancient sayings. Initially its name was Kuntapur. It is famous for Kunteshwar Temple, where people visit in great numbers.


Kunteshwar Temple


Kunteshwar Shivling


It is said that its original name was Saptrishi, because Guru Vashisht, the Kulguru of the Suryavanshi kings, preached and taught the young princes here. It is the penance ground of great number of Saints and ascetics. No certified evidences are available to give any authentic details prior to the Muslim rule about this place. This was the headquarter of Sayyed Salar Masood, the brother of Mehmood of Ghazni. His father Salar Shah’s tomb is here, and people visit this monument to pay their respects. The main congregation is held during the full moon of ‘Jaishtha’ that is the summers. Sheikh Salahuddin had also come with Salar Shah and settled down in Satrikh.


On the banks of the stream Soti is Bhitauli, the last front of the Freedom fighters of the First war of Indian Independence in 1857-1858. Here Raja Guru Bux Singh with his men fought the British bravely. This place has a fort and sufficient remains of the freedom struggle and hence it has been declared as the place on  the protected historical heritage list.


This is the birth place of Late Shri Rafi Ahmad Kidwai, great freedom fighter, politician and statesman of India. He was buried in Masauli after he left for his heavenly abode and a tomb was built in his memory. Masauli is the home of the illustrious Kidwais.


Rafi Ahmad Kidwai Memorial

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  • Kotwa Dham Mandir
  • Kotwa Dham Mandir near scene
  • Kotwa Dham Mandir closeup

How to Reach:

By Air

The Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport in Lucknow is about 45 Kms from Barabanki.

By Train

Barabanki comes under North-Eastern Railway division has railway routes connecting all the Metro-cities and majority of State capitals in the country. So it plays an important transit point to east and Northeast India. Barabanki Railway Station is 28 Kms from Lucknow Station.

By Road

Three important National Highways NH-28 (West-NorthEast). NH-28C (Leading to Nepal Border) and NH-56 (Passing through Haidargarh (Tehsil of Barabanki) to East Uttar Pradesh). Mofussal Routes and Local Routes are served by Town Bus Stand. Since three NH pass through it, there is no dearth of road connectivity and transport availability to any Major City or Town in the State and adjoining states as well. The Town Bus stand caters to all the smaller town and big villages in district through UPSRTC and its Undertaking buses.