Tourist Places


This space highlights the tourist places to visit in the district. It also displays the information such as description, how to reach, where to stay, packages and other activities at tourist place.

Other Places in Barabanki

Other Places of Interest Siddhaur It was initially known as Siddhpura, and as time passed by, it became Siddhaur. It…


Bam-bhole, bam-bam-bhole resounding with the devotees moving in groups with Kanwar on their shoulders is famous for Lord Shiva’s Lodheshwar…

Dewa Shareef

The pilgrim town of Dewa is situated just 42 Kms. from Lucknow and 12 Kms. from the district headquarters of…

Parijaat Tree

Village Kintur, about 38 Kms. east of district headquarters  Barabanki was named after Kunti, mother of the Pandav. There are…