Map of District

District Map and details

District Barabanki lies   between Latitudes 26° 30′ North and 27° 19′ North and Longitudes 80° 58′ East and 81° 55′ East. District Barabanki is surrounded by district Faizabad in the East, districts Gonda and Bahraich in the North East, district Sitapur in the North West, district Lucknow in the West, district Rae Bareli in the South and district Amethi  in the South East. The river Ghaghra  forms the North Eastern Boundary separating Barabanki from Bahraich and Gonda. The area of the district was 3891.5 sq. kms. The area is liable to vary from year to  year due to the slightest change in the coarse of the river Ghaghra, because this slight  variation  makes a noticeable change in the overall area of the district. The district is well fed by rivers Ghaghra, Gomti and Kalyani with their tributaries for major part of the year. Although some of them dryout during summers and create havoc during rainy season by flooding.