About District

The land of Barabanki district possesses a rich heritage in keeping with its glorious past. This district since its inception has been the meditorium for numerous saints and ascetics, sanctum sanctorum of  ‘Sadhna’ for the literary intellectuals and battlefield for the freedom fighters. For bringing the whole world under one umbrella, Sufi Saint Haji Waris Ali Shah of international fame, motivated people through the message of JO RAB WAHI RAM i.e. the supreme power, God is One, is the flower of this fertile land. Satnami  Saint Shri Jagjiwan Das and Saint Malamat Shah lit the torch of communal harmony for the countrymen at large. The place of pilgrimage of the KANWARIYAS’ Mahadeva, the Kurukshetra of Mahabharat  and the Parijaat tree – the animate symbols of Mahabharat era are also present as mile stones of the spiritual tilt of this sacred land of Barabanki district.


  • District : Barabanki
  • HeadQuarters : Barabanki
  • Language : Hindi (Awadhi)


  • Total : 3891.5 Sq.Kms
  • Rural : 3839.11 Sq.Kms
  • Urban : 52.39 Sq.Kms


  • Total : 32,60,699
  • Male : 17,07,073
  • Female : 15,53,626


  • Assembly Constituencies : 6
  • Loksabha Constituencies : 1