Social Welfare

Scholarship Scheme – Scholarship and fee reimbursement online system is to provide social security to the financially and socially vulnerable students to continue their education.

The educational development of the weaker sections is the key to their overall development. Keeping this fact in view, for the SC/ST students of classes 1 to 10 Prematric scheme and Scholarships to students under Postmetric Scholarship Scheme for students studying above class 10 and those pursuing vocational courses. Fee of Scheduled Caste students studying in Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges and Management Institutions and Universities / Colleges is being directly reimbursed by the Department to their schools / institutions under Fee Reimbursement Scheme.

(A) Prematric Scholarship Scheme for SC – Scholarship is provided to all SC / ST students studying in class 1 to 8 by the Uttar Pradesh government. There is no income related eligibility restriction for scholarship payable to students from class I to 8. Comlplete Scheme is State-funded.

(B) Prematric Scholarship Scheme for General Category – Parents of general category students living below the poverty line, whose annual income per family is Rs 19884/- (Rural area) and Rs 25546/- (urban area), the scholarship is provided to students from class I to 10. Comlplete Scheme is State-funded.

(C) PostMatric Scholarship and Fee Reimbursement Scheme – Scholarships are made available under the postmatric scholarship scheme to meritorious students of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and General Classes studying in classes above class 10, whose parents’ annual income ceiling is up to Rs 1,00,000/-. This Scheme is 100% funded by Government of India.

To take advantage of this scheme, the students are provided links below for applying online –

by Social Welfare Portal – http://
by Scholarship portal –

Integrated Pension Portal – Portal’s creation is to provide social security to the economically weaker sections of the society by providing them financial support. This portal facilitates online application for old age pension, destitute woman/widow pension, disability/Handicapped pension, etc.

(A) Old Age Pension – Aim: To provide financial support to the elderly above the age of 60 years living below poverty line.

(B) Destitute women/Widow pension – Aim: To provide financial support to Destitute women/ widows in the age group of 18 to 60 years living below the poverty line and hence enable them for living a respectable life.

(C) Disability/Handicapped Pension – Aim: To provide financial support to all having 40 percent or more direct disabilities, mentally retarded or hearing impaired women / men, in order to help them lead a respectfully living.

To take advantage of these schemes, the citizens can use links below for applying online –

by Social Welfare Portal – http://
by Integarted Pension portal –


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