Political Scene of the district
These days district Barabanki comprises of 53-Barabanki  and 54-Faizabad (Partial) Parliamentary constituencies.
53-Barabanki Loksabha seat comprises of the following assembly segments falling in district Barabanki 54-Faizabad (Partial) Loksabha seat comprises of the following assembly segment falling in District Barabanki
266-Kursi 270-Dariyabad
267-Ramnagar 271-Rudauli(Partial)

Political Leaders
Late Rafi Ahmad Kidwai

Late Rafi Ahmad Kidwai is in those firsts, who jumped into the freedom movement on the call given by Mahatma Gandhi. His enthusiasm and organisational capabilities made him a leader in a very short span of time. He was jailed several times during the freedom struggle and spent more than 10 years in jails, proving his strong emotions for the freedom movement. He was a multifaceted personality, he was courageous, had practical view, had good organisational capacity, was sensitive to human emotions, was fundamentaly a man of deeds and these qualities were seen during his  days in administration.
He was born in the family of Imtiaz Ali his father, on 18 February 1894 at Masauli. He was Minister incharge of the Revenue, Home and Jail departments in Uttar Pradesh, and was so successful that he was made a central minister in the very first cabinet after India became independent. As a central Communications minister he presented to the nation the communications policy which was a tremendous achievement. He started the Airmail service in India on 30 January 1948 between New Delhi, Mumbai (then Bombay), Kolkata (then Calcutta) and Chennai (then Madras). The Inland letter is the gift of Rafi Ahmad Kidwai to the nation. He had sown the seeds of Green Revolution in 1952 when he was the Food Minister, and took measures to stop the blackmarketing of foodgrains, thereby improving the overall food situation in the country. He was a true soldier, because he put all his efforts and energies to the service of the nation and kept fulfilling his duty to the nation. Being in chair as minister of food, he left for his heavenly abode on the 24th October 1954, leaving behind millions in tears, leaving behind a true nationalistic legacy. He was laid to rest at his native place, Masauli, true son of the soil.

Late Ram Sewak Yadav

Ram Sewak Yadav

Honesty, dedication and service to people became synonyms of Ram Sewak Yadav. He was instrumental in spreading the Socialistic think across the length and bredth of the nation. Ram Sewak Yadav was born in the family of Ram Gulam Yadav his father, on 2nd July 1926 in village Taala of Tehsil Haidergarh. After completing his eduction upto Intermediate in Barabanki, he moved on to Lucknow University for his higher education, where he completed his B.A. in 1949. He did his degree in Law from Lucknow University in 1951. He practiced Law, but left it in 1956. He entered into active politics by joining Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia, whom he considered as his Guru. In 1956, he became a legislator for the first time by winning the Ram Nagar assembly seat byelection. He earned his recognition as a leader with fighting qualities and was Member in 1957, 1962 and 1967 Loksabhas.
With his hard work and dedication to the party and nation, he not only hoisted  the flag of Socialism in the district, State but the whole nation. He was the national Secretary General of the All India Socialist Party. He travelled abroad several times with Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia to spread the socialist movement. He lost the 1974 Loksabha election, but took it in his strides, and worked hard for the party and enriched its movement. Ram Sewak Yadav was again elected to the  Legislative Assembly in 1974 from the Rudauli Assembly seat. This great son of this land who lit the flame of socialism in the country died on 22nd November 1974 leaving all stunned and shocked.

                                  MEMBER LOK SABHA :
                                         1. Smt Priyanka Singh Rawat, 53-Barabanki
                                 MEMBER RAJYA SABHA :
                                         1. Shri P.L. Punia ,Barabanki



                                  SITTING MLAs :
                                       1. Shri Fareed Mahfooj Kidwai, 266-Kursi
                                       2. Shri Arvind Kumar Singh 'GOP', 267-Ramnagar
                                       3. Shri Dharmraj, 268-Barabanki
                                       4. Shri Ramgopal, 269-Zaidpur
                                       5. Shri Rajeev Kumar Singh, 270-Dariyabad
                                       6. Shri Ram Magan Rawat, 272-Haidergarh




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